IMI Quality Assured Used Vehicle Management

Courses IMI Quality Assured Used Vehicle Management

Our years of experience and expertise in all areas of used vehicle management mean that we are able to offer The UK’s only IMI Quality Assured Programme in used vehicle management.

We believe that dealers who are truly able to understand the dynamics of this new market place, the impact it will have on business and how to adapt their stock management and sales approach, will not only survive but thrive in this new environment

Glass’s guide is among the many industry sources reporting for some time that the used car market is starting to reach the long-predicted tipping point into oversupply, with values coming under pressure as a result. They expect this trend, fuelled by the large number of one to three year old vehicle returns from the ongoing boom in new car PCP’s, to continue for the foreseeable future.

Highly successful dealers always have one thing in common, they understand Used Cars. Indeed, to have any chance of making a satisfactory profit in the retail motor industry you must have a successful used car operation pumping profit on to your bottom line, day in day out.

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2 days


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