Will I Get Value for Money from my Estate Agent?

Blog Will I Get Value for Money from my Estate Agent?

I recently decided to sell my apartment in London and to buy a new one in sunny Brighton and like the majority of people I guess, approached local “professional ” Estate Agents, believing that this would be in my best interests.The whole process has left me scratching my head as to why I need them at all. My experience is that in order to get your initial instruction, they will promise the earth and in reality deliver very little. They will organise some photos, produce a nice glossy brochure and stick your home on Rightmove or Zoopla  and that’s about it. When they do actually get a potential client through the door the presentation of your property, in my experience, is non existent, with the agent simply taking the prospective  buyer from room to room and stating the obvious, “This is the kitchen and this is the bathroom”  Really? and they want to charge you 2-3% commission for this?

From a buyers point of view my experience wasn’t much better. I called 4 potential agents to express my interest in properties they had on Rightmove, three initially didn’t even bother to take my details. I arranged to meet with Harry, the first of two local agents, with the intention of viewing 3 properties with him. On arrival in Brighton and after a 70 mile journey, I was informed by Harry that two of the viewing had been cancelled, the properties had been sold. Were these miraculously sold overnight?  Oh well I was in Brighton now and had another agent to meet later, so not a total disaster. Harry was late meeting me at the property, but hey my expectations had already been lowered. I received the normal ” This is the living room” presentation with the agent making no attempt to build rapport with me or present the features of the property. At the end of the ‘tour’ I asked about properties in Hove, a 5 minute drive away, his company had an office there, he told me it was a 20 minute walk away, before driving off in that direction.

So totally disillusioned with Harry, and with time to kill before my appointment with agent two and four more viewings, I thought I would use my time productively and popped into another high street agent. When inquiring about properties advertised in their window I was told they were actually sold. “Do you have anything at all I might be interested in” I foolishly asked, before being told “You have come in at the wrong time of year” silly me. So I went on my way, no details taken, and cash on the hip ready to spend and still burning a whole in my pocket.

Thankfully I met up with Brittany in the afternoon from Mishon Mackay. Brittany was great, on time, bubbly, she gave me all the information I needed, and even dropped me into Hove to have a look around. In fact I made an offer today on one of the properties she showed me. Well done Brittany.

As for the other agents, not only will I never buy or sell a property through them, but I will not be recommending their services either.  It’s no wonder companies like Purple Bricks see a space in the market, they may not be much better, but at least they are a fraction of the price. I have no problem paying a higher fee, but I expect a better level of service, professional agents who deliver a professional customer experience that represents value for money.

Get the basics right first:

  • Always take down the details of the person you are speaking to.
  • Take time to build rapport and qualify your customers needs.
  • Make sure you communicate effectively throughout the process.
  • Deliver a world class property presentation, every time.
  • Go that extra mile.
  • Build and demonstrate value in the services you provide.
  • Defend your margins.

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Adrian Johnston
March 14, 2018
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